Crocodile Clips Harness (Suit 900mA to 8 Amp Chargers)

  • OC-CC1-8

Additional / Replacement OzCharge Crocodile Clips Harness to suit 900mA to 8A Battery Chargers and Maintainers with the SAE type connector.

Length: 600mm
Wire Gauge: 16 AWG

Will suit the following Oz Charge Models:
OC-61201, OC121.5, OC1206U, OC-PRO150, OC-PRO600, OC2406U, OC-SW121009, OC-SW121020, OC-SW121040, OC-SW121060, OC-SW121080, OC-SW241040

Available at Selected Battery Town Stores across New Zealand.

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